Dining Room Table with custom chairs

Custom Dining Room Chairs

Formal dining rooms are back in vogue. We’re going back to big meals at the table and hosting guests more than once a year. What do you need when hosting a dinner party where you want your guests to linger? Comfortable dining chairs. A beautiful dining table with beautifully upholstered chairs invites people to sit…

Dog on leather chair

Pet-friendly Fabrics

You want your home to look its best, but you have a furry friend or two. Even with animals, you can make your furniture stand out and not look like it’s used as a fur collector. Microfiber: This is a great fabric if you have cats. Since the fabric doesn’t have looped thread, a cat’s…

Pink Sofa

The Power of Cotton

Cotton is a very versatile fabric for your upholstery project. The weaving techniques used with cotton give it different looks from rustic to silky. Cotton takes to dyes well so the sky’s the limit on your color choices and it resists sun damage. When upholstering with cotton, think of it like your favorite jeans. It’s…


Myths About Leather

Myth #1: Leather does not last In fact, the exact opposite is true! Leather is one of the most durable natural fabrics available. Leather actually becomes more beautiful as it ages, so you can enjoy it for a lifetime! Myth #2: Leather is unaffordable Just like other fabrics, the price of leather depends on the…


How to Coordinate Fabrics for Your Furniture

These four steps will help you coordinate fabrics for your upholstered furniture. If you follow these simple guidelines, then your sofa, chairs, ottomans, and throw pillows will contribute to an overall look of effortless sophistication. 1. Choose your most complex pattern first. This will go on pillows, an accent chair, or an ottoman. 2. Choose a less complex complementary pattern for a…