Studio City


Studio City is located in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, with a population of 37,201 people. Studio City is is named after the studio lot established by film producer Mack Sennett in 1927, now known as CBS Studio Center.

During the late 19th Century, this land was eventually owned by James Boon Lankershim and eight other developers who organized the Lankershim Ranch Land and Water Company. In 1899, however, the area lost most water rights to Los Angeles and was no longer viable for farming. After a time of construction, water reached the San Fernando Valley in 1913 and real estate exploded.

In 1927, Mack Sennett began building a new studio on 20 acres donated by the land developer. The area around the studio was named Studio City.

If you visit Studio City, you may be sitting on a chair or booth upholstered or custom built by Gamino Decor! We proudly serve both residential and commercial customers in Studio City for all of their design and decor needs! Below are a few endorsement from our amazing customers in Studio City:

Studio City

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What a find!!!! Between this place, Olive & Thyme, and Porto’s, I could learn to love Burbank. I brought in an expensive upholstered bench that’s been through the wringer after having tried to fix the loose legs myself VERY unsuccessfully. They did a perfect repair job for an extremely fair price. The owner has excellent taste and is very friendly and helpful and will now be refinishing some of my furniture. She gave me very honest advice and is helping me make decorating decisions. Great shop!

— Jill B., Studio City, CA

I hired Isabel to make new zippered covers for my dining room seat cushions. Because several of the cushion inserts were out of balance from over-use, she charged just a few dollars more to add padding to balance them out. She picked them up from my home and promised to have them ready in one week – which she did. Plus, she delivered them. They are beautiful – and look like they have new pillows inside. Now I’m going to have her reupholster a chair and ottoman.

— Trisha R., Studio City, CA

Our experience illustrates every reason why I love supporting local businesses. My husband and I are among the many Jennifer Convertable customers whose crappy leather peeled off our sofabed cushions.  The frame and mechanism still worked so we wanted to find an inexpensive way to get the cushions reupholstered (in a way that worked with the dark brown leather on the sofa’s frame and arms). We saw Gamino had a good rating on Yelp and just 10 minutes from our home.  Isabel came through with a beautiful black chenille fabric with a lovely gold pattern.  We felt it would work on the sofa.  Isabel’s guidance was amazing, and the quality of work superb.  The cushions look fantastic on the sofa!  Equally important, Isabel helped us meet our budget and got the work done quickly — less than a week.  She’s an absolutely joy to work with. We also had an ottoman that needed one leg fixed (the insert that contains the “threads” which the leg screws into was loosened and fell out during a move last year, and was lost).  She was going to do a relatively quick and inexpensive fix with the understanding that it wouldn’t be the optimal solution (i.e. not as strong as going in by pulling off some of the upholstery). We gave her the go-ahead, but in the end she did it the right way, without charging us more.  She wanted to do the job right and have the leg housing as secure as possible. That’s the level of personal service a local business needs to provide in order to compete against big chains in this uncertain economy.  If you want the job done right, go to Gamino.  Isabel’s your gal.

— Scott G., Studio City, CA