Our Story

Isabel Gamino, founder of GAMINO DÉCOR, has always had a passion for quality and an eye for detail. As an adult, Isabel developed a love for quality furniture and antiques. In time, she started her own shop in an antique mall.

As with most antique dealers, the merchandise Isabel acquired often needed work. Initially, she hired others to repair damaged upholstery and wood, but the workmanship often did not meet Isabel’s demanding standards. Isabel decided the only way to achieve the quality she required was to do the work herself.

While maintaining her antique business, Isabel apprenticed under an established upholsterer. She learned the upholstery business from the inside out and in time became an expert at both furniture upholstery and refinishing.

As Isabel repaired and upholstered her own antique merchandise, other antique dealers began to ask where she had the work done. Once they discovered that Isabel had developed this extraordinary talent, they began to ask her to work on their antiques as well.

Soon, it was apparent that Isabel’s future was in providing high-quality upholstery and décor services to the Los Angeles area. GAMINO DÉCOR was born.

Working out of her home, Isabel wholeheartedly committed to this new enterprise. Every customer was delighted and began to refer their friends. It quickly became apparent that Isabel needed to establish a location where she could serve her customers in a manner suitable for the quality of her work.


Most upholstery shops are cluttered, crowded, and less than appealing to customers; quality customer service is almost impossible to find; and the workmanship is often not consistent with demanding quality standards.

Isabel decided to change all that.

Today, GAMINO DÉCOR provides outstanding quality, a comfortable environment, and exceptional customer service to everyone who calls for a quote or walks through the door.

Our clients include architects and interior designers, movie studios and video production companies, hotels and restaurants, celebrities and ordinary people — anyone who wants the very best in workmanship and quality.

Many upholsterers simply recover old furniture, leaving old fabric and disintegrating foam hidden underneath … but not at GAMINO DÉCOR. We rebuild furniture from the inside out.

  • We ensure that your frame is solid and that your springs are in good shape.
  • We provide new filling to suit your budget and taste — from quality foam to feathers and down.
  • We cover your furniture with your choice of quality fabric from the thousands of designer fabrics available.
  • We even build custom furniture or modify existing furniture to your exact specifications.

At GAMINO DÉCOR, the workmanship is second to none. The fabric selection in the largest in Burbank. Isabel’s passion for quality and eye for detail ensure that every project by GAMINO DÉCOR meets the most discriminating tastes.

Satisfaction is guaranteed at GAMINO DÉCOR.